Monday, May 25, 2009


Today, I discovered a new shooting game in town. Now, been a fan for this type of genre in arcade, the is another unique game that incorporates handling manuevere, coordination, memory and coognitive skills. If you do not what I mean, let me introduce to you this term - railed shooting game.

Unlike computer shooting games like Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike or even Half Life, railed shooting game is a type of its own because:
  1. It is based on scripted story - therefore all enemy units are always been the same thus requires strong memorizing the pattern, flow and location of each. 
  2. It is distinctive because it always have scores to beat, and expert players will always go for higher scores as a record.
  3. It test upper-hand of coordination and coognitive thinking because you are wxpected to hold the look-alike-real- gun to shoot the enemy, not mouse and keypad.

The one that I would like to introduce is the new Namco's 2009 game - RAZING STORM.

Razing Storm is the latest game of mass destruction, meaning you can destroy everything, anyone on your path of course - enemy soldier, water melon on the market and of course civilian - only if you want!!

See the video below. So far no Wikipedia article about this game yet but what I can say, I'm learning the game right now. Hmmm, so far I can only go through halfway up till Stage 3. Seriously this game is difficult and the speed is extremely phenomenal. Say GOOD LUCK to myself.

For RAZING STORM, I think this is a great opportunity to get deep and get crazy about shooting stuffs. For my first impression, this is a very good game.

STORY - The story although is very direct and using the same old theme of terrorism, the pace of the story is fast and the dialogue at least make up a good common sense. Otherwise, the story is very military in nature so no stupid lines or lame jokes in it - highly serious and the attention of what it said and what commands it give are highly followed. (4.0 STARS)

GRAPHIC AND EFFECT - This game is a step in front of many other game in the market. For arcade game, they use a very complex processor and I believe this powerful processor did not disappoint after all. Highly graphic and sound effect, even it uses DTS or Digital Theatre System to operate and generate its awesome sound quality. (4.5 STARS)

GAMEPLAY - Highly challenging and like nothing you have seen before. This game is a tough nut to crack. (4.0 STARS)

ENJOYMENT - Too bad you may get frustrated even by passing one stage up, you feel you want more and you wish you have did better than this. I felt that and not only been frustrated, the feeling of getting tired is there too. (3.0 STARS)


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shooting game is fun!
i used to play L4D alot last time.. haha.. =D

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