Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Spanish GP marks the first outing in the central European continental, and also marks that the current Formula one season has gone by about a third. It is hard to imagine another household name in winning any race besides those two from the Brawn GP. The end of the day analysis can tells you much more but Brawn GP is still the team to beat.

Jenson Button started on pole, followed by Vettel, Barrichello and Massa. However, at the starting point, Barrichello fired it up to past Button while Massa's challenge distracted the both front runners. Therefore, the first lap looks like Barrichello lead from Button, Massa and Vettel. A further back, Trulli, Bourdais, Buemi and Sutil have a massive piling up on the track, with the four retired and safety car was brought in.

The safety car was brought out four laps later and the race restarted. But the field quickly evaporated to only 15 runners as Heikki Kovalainen is out in some sort of porblem at lap 7. Barrichello and Button slowly pulls away from the third man Massa at a very substantial time.

First pit stop window opened at lap 17, Glock was the first to pit followed by Button and Alonso. Raikkonen became the 6th retiree with anpther disastrous hydraulic problem. When it became apparent that Barrichello first stop was amazingly fast, it learns quickly that the Brazilian was in a three-stoppers. After round one pit stop: Barrichello leads ahead of Rosberg (on long fuel) and the order changed nothing much. Too much dismay, Vettel who has a faster car, was tucked up behind Massa who was holding things well.

Now in the middle stinct, Barrichello came in for his second pit while Webber became increasingly close to the top four now. However, Barrichello was struggling with some problem and had not been fast enough to tickle off Vettel in third. Button was also been radioed over to inform that he just need to be quicker as both Massa and Vettel were on hot pursuit. Webber on heavily fuel early on also making fire pace too.

Now, the fields were making their second stop, a third one for Barrichello. The only funnier moment seems another strategical error for Ferrari - Massa was asked to save fuel and see if can get to the end! Webber's long middle stinct paiud him off. Massa slowed down and let Webber, Vettel and Alonso to pass him until the chequered flag.

In the end, another win for Button while Barrichello was unable to stop asling himself why he was now in second. Earlier, it was told that both Brawns will be running on 3 stops but somehow, Button's strategy was altered to allow only 2 pits. Red Bull promised a new package on next stop in Monaco. I do hope at least another team can do anything to halt current Brawn's hot red, and my best bet will be on Red Bull.

Brawn was flying and I'm surprised that the real pace setter this weekend were Red Bulls and Ferraris. Ferrari was fast over the weekend but again, luck was not on their side. Keep it up boys! The full race result is as follows:

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