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Do you own any gaming console? Nintendo Wii, PS or even an old Nintendo 64? Even a PC game is perhaps considered as one too. These gaming consoles are tools of what making gaming an absolute fantastic experience. It can be a cheap or an expensive entertainment to joyride.

Over the years of revolution that last about 3 decades, the process has changed the way we game. Gaming is like music or movie; a platform of entertainment that constantly change and evolve over time.

Therefore, to commemorate the years of we first play Tetris and Super Mario till the day we enjoy gang-banging heroes in DOTA and till the day we have dizzy blasting zombies' head and boomers in Left 4 Dead, let us look at Empire Online's Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time as voted by internet users worldwide.

10) GOLDENEYE 007 (1997 - Nintendo 64) by Rareware
Green Tea Plays: never played before

"Memorable for: Style. After blasting his way off a frigate packed with grenade-tossing enemy soldiers, Bond hurls himself into a waiting lifeboat - and casually checks his cufflinks before sailing to safety. Could they have captured the character's essence any more perfectly?" - EO

09) SUPER MARIO 64 (1997 - Nintendo 64) by Nintendo EAD
Green Tea Plays: ****

"Memorable for: Boss battlin'. The heart-pumping terror of swinging Bowser by the tail in the final challenge, and taking your finger off the action button at precisely the right moment to hurl him into a fizzing bomb. And the controller-smashing frustration of cocking it up the first 100 times." - EO

08) THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: THE OCARINA OF TIME (1998 - Nintendo 64) by Nintendo EAD
Green Tea Plays: never played before

"Memorable for: Equestrian escapades. The intense feeling of freedom when you hopped onto Link's trusty steed, Epona, for the first time, and headed off for a canter across the sprawling, haunted landscape of Hyrule. Unadulterated gaming joy." - EO

07) DOOM (1993 - PC format) by id Software
Green Tea Plays: ***

"Memorable for: Turing children into sociopaths. Although it wasn't the first game to use an immersive, first-person perspective, Doom was one of the earliest titles to put players in the shoes of their gun-packing avatar, provoking criticism that the game glorified violence and would surely warp the minds of an impressionable generation of gamers. Why anyone would think that is beyond… oooh, a chainsaw." - EO

06) STREET FIGHTER 2 (1991 - Super Nintendo)
by Capcom
Green Tea Plays: ****

"Memorable for: The level of detail. Your game may essentially be fireball, fireball, dragon punch, sweep, but for the pros SF is broken down to a microscopic level. Tournament players go so far as to count animation frames, using to-the-millisecond timing to crush their enemies, see them driven before them and hear the lamentation of their women. Or something." - EO

05) SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION (2005 - PC format)
by MicroProse
Green Tea Plays: never played before

"Memorable for: Diplomatic double-crossing. There's nothing quite like signing a peace accord with the French and then sacking their capital when they least expect it. If they didn't think anything was amiss with the 10,000 angry swordsmen massing outside Paris then we're saying they had it coming." - EO

04) CALL FOR DUTY 4 (2007 - X-Box 360, PS3, PC format)
by n-Space
Green Tea Plays: *****

"Memorable for: Adding depth to the blasting with RPG elements that allow you to level-up as you play online, unlocking abilities and weapons as you go. The insane part? Hardcore players voluntarily reset to zero upon reaching the level cap, starting all over again for the sake of a prestige tag." - EO

03) WORLD OF WARCRAFT (2004 - PC and Mac formats)
by Blizzard Entertainment
Green Tea Plays: *****

"Memorable for: The sheer joy of levelling up. That boom-whoosh sound, the blast of heavenly light and then the obligatory announcement to your team/guild mates ("ding!"), followed by a welter of chat-channel backslaps ("'grats!"). Now, what to spend that talent point on…?" - EO

by Square Enix
Green Tea Plays: ***

"Memorable for: The shocking, heart-rending death of Aeris (or Aerith, if you were playing in Japan), the wide-eyed flower girl and the protagonist's love interest. If you didn't choke back a sob when Sephiroth ran her through and cast her body into the water then you've a heart of cold, black stone." - EO

01) SUPER MARIO WORLD (1992 - Super NES)
by Nintendo
Green Tea Plays: *****

"Memorable for: Great expectations. When the game came out, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto claimed SMW wasn't as good as he'd hoped, and that it would've been better if he'd had more development time. It may be the greatest game ever but, if it hadn't been rushed onto the shelves to compete with Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog, it could have caused all of us to transcend to a higher state of being." - EO

On another note, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has passed away....

So RIP King Of Pop
(August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Ok, as a tribute, here is the Live version of the ever popular Black Or White


shooter 69ner said...

No offence... but goldeneye 007.. just doesn't fit to be there in the top 10... my 2 cents..

vkvun said...

different ppl have different taste in games. i haved play 6 out of 10. Why dont have the newer game??

Dylan said...

SUPER MARIO WORLD!! This is the best! and ive only completed half the game.. darn!

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