Thursday, July 02, 2009


Okay, Starbucks is famous for its highly over-rated and over-priced drinks. Seriously and I'm not kidding. Why not? A brewed coffee in a size of a tiny dinosaur mug also need to cost around RM8.50 and 5% government tax.
Now look at the pictures below carefully.

There in the picture, 6 different size of mugs and plastic cup available in Starbucks. This guessing game is pretty easy for the dear reader out there.

1) Simply identified the size of these ceramic-and-plastic-Starbucks-beverage-containers, from A to F. (Hint: Know your Venti, Grande and Tall)
2) Additional question, how much do you think these cost? (Hint: Probably not as expensive as you think)

Sorry, because GREEN TEA WORLD!! is not subsidized or sponsored in any matter and aspects of all. The author can only hope dear readers will have fun. NO PRIZE FOR THIS CONTEST YEA!!!

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