Thursday, August 13, 2009


Let us picture this - you are walking along this alley on one busy day. You are in hurry because you may be late for something urgent. Unfortunately, while you are walking in hurried pace, you stumble upon this 'human traffic jam' but there is not that many people around you. This so called 'jam' is caused by some 'human roadblock' (you know who and which type of people) whom prefer to take their own sweet time to stroll along the sidewalk by walking slowly. You want to pass these group of people but they somehow form an ' annoying-kinda-like-barrier' in front of you.

Have you ever encounter this kind of problem?

Note: Bear in mind, the person in front of you is not some handicapped and elders in whom I would beg to exclude these people from the so called 'annoying list'. They are not old nor are they blind. They may be some family with hundreds of kids or some group of ignorant friends.

(If you don't know what I am crapping about, just let it be, click 'X' on the top right corner)

Well, this happen many times in my life and it happens yet again today. There are this young ladies walking so slow, chatting around and making some jokes to each other about one of the fat cousins. I am in hurry because the KTM Komuter train that I'm trying to board has arrived on the platform. Be it, in just a perfect moment and timing, they form the 'human roadblocks' along the stairs. In the end, train gone and I have to wait for another train which idiotically will only arrive in the next 25 minutes.

Annoying as it may seems but behind this fact, it is so obvious that a majority of the Malaysians walk very slow. According to my lecturer, this phenomenon is so endemic in this country and it reflects something troublesome (or maybe not). He told me once, a society who walks slowly and taking a moment of their own sweet times tend to lag behind a little bit compared to the other society.

Perhaps, let me ask you this? Is what he said made sense? Come on, look around you!!

So now that I walk relatively faster than these people and I am still a Malaysian. does it makes me an abnormal Malaysian?


Shuuu said...

Hey, I experience the same thing as you, I always walk much faster than others and i end up wanting to hit those slow walking people that likes to block the road hahah

Gine said...

Speaking as someone who's just finished her battle in shopping malls, I have to admit sometimes I'm too contented to walk fast ;-) Nonetheless, at least if I'm shopping with friends we'll try to watch out for each others to see if we're blocking someone else's way.I agree that those people who form the road blocks are really annoying! Kesian you have to wait for another 25 min for the KTM. YES, the frigging slow KTM and not other public transport! *pat*pat*pat*

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