Friday, October 09, 2009


Guess who won the year's Nobel Peace Prize?

I bet some have already know about this. In case you haven't, read through to get the answers.
I give you five chances....Go....

Guess #1: Adolf Hitler...Yeah right!!??

By the way, he is dead
But if he won the WW2, the history of this world could have been different.

Guess #2: Nordin Mat Top??

Who knows he maybe one - But Not...
By the way, he is dead too
Thanks to his act as a terrorist and bomb-planter

Guess #3: Kim Jong-il??

Well, since when we have a nuclear crazy going for this Nobel Prize. Even he is rightful or maybe even he is a saint, he will not in any chances for running for that. Come on. People said he is psycho!!

Guess #4: Madonna??

Recently she gave her own list of evil and good peoples list. She maybe a material girl with a bad bad influences in her music, but she is a saint when it comes to philanthropy act and world peace. No too bad she is not our winner.

Guess #5: President Barack Obama?

Well, the fifth time is always the correct one, so congratulation!!

News link here, here, here, here and here. Maybe the world had changed since he took over the job from the one who will never win it a.k.a. George W Bush.

You can read more about him at Wikipedia, Biography(dot)com, or probably here.

My question here is only one: Would Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Prize at all? I bet in the next few weeks, disgruntled souls would make it sensationally big and giving their own bad points on why he shouldn't. Let's wait and see shall we? At the mean time, what say you?

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kenwooi said...

i think the prize is given too early..
time is needed to prove his worth, but fortunately for him, he's being acknowledge very well.. =)

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