Friday, October 16, 2009


Blackberry Curve could be the best answer for all the hypes and sensations that have been caused by iPhone these days. Practically Apple's darling iPhone is stylish and an gizmo-smart phone that you can get in the market at the moment. However, things get not so convenient when you factor in the quite ‘not-so-attractive’ plans offered in the market. So, here’s the answer to all of these troubles – introducing the Blackberry Curve!!

Thanks for the special invites that I get from Nuffnang, I attended the exclusive XPAX Blackberry Curve 8520 Launch Party. It was held at The Republic, Sunway Pyramid last weekend (Saturday). It featured a handful of great stage performances; free flows of Pepsi, Tiger and Black Label. I bet most of us have so much great time there taking pictures, gulping those free boozes and shake it all up on the dance floor.

* Unlike most bloggers who use DSLR to capture those moments, I hope these moderate pictures taken from a Sony Ericsson's mobile phone should be enough for me to tell you the story here. Also, there are some pictures I (technically stole) from Chris Tock.


The welcome note by the MC of the night – Sazzy Falak. If you do not know who is she, go and watch this Malaysian film called "Gol & Gincu". She eventually won the Best Supporting Actress – Film Festival Malaysia Ke-19 (2006) for her role.

The beat-box master, Shawn Lee started the show with his true talent in nature I would say – creating the beat of music from his own vocal. Pity him, he has to bring a bottle of water up to the stage - quenching the thirst during the break of each of his performance.

Joe Flizzow, the other half from once popular rapper duo of Too Phat then fired-it-all-up with hip hop beats. The Mr President sang and rapped several hits of his and made the crowds go La-La-La-La and Duit Duit Duit!!

Arabyrd took the baton up on stage next. Her eccentric and electrifying music was kind of different than usual. We first heard about her during Juice 5th Anniversary few months ago.

DJ Xu of Lap Sap fueled the Saturday-Night-Fever with his impressive table-top-turning skill. Those trendy musics were gorgeously spinned to pump such an injection to our ears that night.

Of course, it is the time to hit the dance floor, shall we?


So, if you are misled when I said earlier that
"Blackberry Curve could be the best answer for all the hypes and sensations that have been caused by iPhone these days", now I tell you why.

Blackberry Curve 8520 represents the highest level of revolutionary-stealth-gadget-gizmo that will turn your world upside down, of course in a good way. It is also unique, sleeky and very stylish, in the sense that the users will be instantly attracted to it. The problem is, it does not comes in 3G. FYI, The Curve series has now reached its third generation, thanks to those awesome people at Research In Motion (RIM) and the reception has ever since been phenomenon.

Armed with the stylish QWERTY-keypad, texting and apprehension for the greater mobility of connection becomes so easy and convenient. You can easily access information from the World Wide Web just at your finger tips via Wifi. You can also easily hook yourself up with those easy-assess to popular sites like Facebook, Youtube or Flick. With the Blackberry Apps World, it functions like the iPhone App Store by providing thousands of widget, applications and gadgets to gear up your Curve.

Looks like Blackberry Curve 8520 really affects the way I live. I am a techno-junkie but too bad that I never have chances to own each of those techno-gear. I believe Blackberry Curve could be more standout than the iPhone itself. It comes in a cheaper form than other smartphones - merely RM 1,188 with XPAX sign-up, the price worths for its value elements when we consider its functionality and applications.

So, what's the hold back? Should you and me own one now?


Of course it is because of its Facebook function but it is not only that. The offer by XPAX is simply irresistable, but here's a thing. Let's get excited and of course, like everyone who wrote in for the smart phones, this is why I love about Blackberry Curve:

  1. With a 2.0 Mega-pixel camera with capability of 5x zooming mode, it is enough for me to take those pictures that I need for my blogging. Currently, I do not have any camera nor a camera phone, because I only have the ANCIENT NOKIA mobile phone!!
  2. With Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled on the smart phone, I can now Twitter, Facebook or even surf into Innit with ease and more handy. Long gone the day when I need to go to any random cyber cafe just to surf the net!!
  3. With integrated media player, now I can play musics and movies on my hand. Simply because I love music and movie, consider myself a geek through all these things!!
  4. with the new Blackberry Curve 8520, I can get myself a new phone. Perhaps it is time for me to change a new phone - THANK YOU ANCIENT NOKIA for your solid years of services!! Sometimes, human like me need a change of wind.


So have you got your XPAX-powered Blackberry Curve yet? Fear not. Now you can enjoy the prepaid plan by Celcom XPAX for as low as RM 1 daily only.

If you haven't heard from it, XPAX is introducing the Blackberry Plan that allows you to communicate and socialize at one low cost - BlackBerry Social plan. On this plan, it allows you to UNLIMITED assess social media networks like Facebook and instant messaging (IM) network, and more at one single plan. What's that good or what?

Anyway, if you want bigger plan that includes surfing the net and e-mail, here we have BlackBerry Advance 2.5G. It still cheap - at only RM2.50 for an unlimited access per day.

Still, what you waiting for? Grab your BlackBerry Curve now at any XPAX dealer!! The easiest way is by following the instruction above - text in BB ON and send to 28882 now. For more updates and infos, please visit XPAX Blackberry site here.

Oh, before I ended this lengthy post, here is other highlights from the night. See ya!!!


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i never been to such events before.. =P

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The keys of the phone , don't u think they are too small? LOL

§pinzer said...

i dun like the keys of the phone, prefer the Bold! anyway thanks for the link back, otherwise my site no traffic :P

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