Saturday, October 24, 2009


Earlier this week, we heard about the hypes surrounding the emergence of this song by some unknown artist. It made its way through the media and even Facebook and also the most talked about things on Twitter.

(It features in The Star online news)

(Facebook of Everyone Connects)

(They even have a Twitter account)

The msytery CDs inside a parcel looks suspicious, as if it is a warning video from some terrorist. But the mysterious CD revealed to contain something safer and pleasing to the ear.

(The mysterious CD that contains the song)

It turns out that it is one of a catchy song and very upbeat. The songs made everyone hyped about it. Entitled "Through My Windows", it accompanied with a mysterious link that connects you to something interesting, here at

Well, it appears that the whole chunk of mystery is finally solved I guess. It appears that it is a viral marketing advertistment used by TM. Of course, everyone knew that TM is the big boss in Malaysian telecommunication by providing land line, mobile telecommunication and internet broadband.

Tagline as "Connection, Communication and Collaboration", it comes with an interesting ads as well.

So, the whole mystery has been solved? But not until we find out who sang "Through My Window".

Oh, you still don't know who sang that?

It's Bunkface!! Some even thought it's Blink 182 or Green Day!!

Malaysia's talent makes it as Malaysia Boleh

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IkanStim said...

i actually knew it was bunkface the 1st time i heard the song
cant understand y radios keep on buzzing whos the singer. funny


i oso wrote about this song. hoho

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