Monday, November 30, 2009


When it comes to taking pictures, we all know how it will be very handful to have a camera with you. With these cameras, we not only be able to take pictures for capturing those cherish and savour moments with family and friends but also a competition to see who has the best!!??

Okay, I may sound understatement here but I cannot hide myself from how much I'm beginning to hate a certain camera model (not user, just their camera). I may not be so knowledgeable when talking about the art of photography and camera technology.

Yes, DSLR. The bulky junky camera you can so-afford to own. Because I'm so noob about camera, I went to wikipedia to check the thing out. In the end, I can not understand a single word.

As I mention earlier, I am so annoyed with this particular camera model. Seriously!! People can not stop talking about it (I'm fine) but when they start to click those buttons on that huge gigantic camera, I sometimes get annoyed.

It happened recently when we decided to take a group-picture from a gathering. It was supposed to be a normal group photos but the DSLR cameras made my life difficult only. Imagine how much time you need to take a group photo? 2 minutes max!! With DSLR, you need about 5 to 10 minutes to take a picture.

The reasons are obvious. TESTING. ADJUST FREAKING SETTINGS. TAKE SEVERAL AND CHOOSE THE BEST. But the other not many notice is SHOWING OFF. The author of this blog is not rich, so please stop showing off your richness in front of me. Even if this camera drop in front of me or just that some one give it to me, I WILL SELL IT!!

DSLR is a professional type of camera, designed only for professional use, for the work of a professional only. After some inner though discussion with some new business buddies, whom none of them owned DSLR, I was amazed by another fact that seems to point DSLR into some sort of disadvantages as well.

Although DSLR is highly recommendable for photo shooting of scenery, human and object models and so on, DSLR pictures are not so recommended for moving objects, blogs and websites. DSLR pictures tend to gallop about 3MB in size and further editing and photoshopping are mantadory to reduce the size to around 100kB minimum to 1MB in most cases which is still a big size to consider. Even if you go and plagiarise from websites by taking pictures via "Save Image As", you still get good pictures at a lower size.

Photos at this big size when uploaded into the Blogger will consuming much of your space and will easily used up the limit of 1GB size. You may argue the use of external photo gallery such as Photobucket or Flixter, however. Do rememeber that the loading time will become extremely long and most reader will decided to read on without even viewing your half loading pictures. Internet in Malaysia is not as fast as those in Japan.

After all, a photo from a normal camera or from DSLR are still pictures. Yes, I admit that the photos from DSLR has a better and superior quality compared to the rest. In the end of the day, these are still photos. On my opinion, I still think that with proper lighting and background, a film-reel camera can produce a good quality of picture as well. With the price tag of 6K and for a brand name of superiority, DSLR serves not as a hobby item and it simply over-priced. DSLR should be reserved in the hands of the professional photographer. Because you own a DSLR, does not mean you are a professional photographer.

Please continue to read on from this more professional views than me regarding the disadvantages of DSLR. It seems that people only talk about the good but avoiding the bad of it.

2) (they are really professional, please learn from them)

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