Sunday, December 06, 2009


From Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Have you watched the new video (maybe some did in Youtube, MTV and Channel V) by Lady Gaga? The new single called "Bad Romance" is really monstrous piece of costumes and fashion display free for your eyes only, suiting her new album, The Fame Monster. There is no issue about her choice of costumes that seems to be very revealing. Well, if her clothes are not revealing, who is Lady Gaga anyway? We will lost all her trademarks then and no one will Ga-Ga about it then.

The whole point in this awesome 5 minutes and 7 seconds video is not about the song itself, but Evelyn and my attention are solely focus on her fashion display. She features about 12 different costumes (including the last scene's outfit with some firework displays), none of them are less bizarre than each other. So, here is the dozen of screen print from the official music video of "Bad Romance".

Besides the fashion display in the music video, many may not understand the whole concept of the video but an article from Wikipedia is enough to explain it all. Well, I have to agree that the whole video is interesting but we lost when we look at its conceptual.

The main idea in the video is all about sexual slavery! That's the point!!

Now please do enjoy the music video...This is an official one taken from InterscopeGeffenAM, featuring all the screen shots shown on the embedded slide show above. Warning, this video may not be suitable for minors! Please enjoy!!

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