Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This will be a three part article. First, we look at the real story behind the independence of Malaya.

It has been a long time since I wrote something that smells like a political ditch in this blog. Well, if you truly called what I am about to write as something political, I would rather called it an enlightenment and history. This year marks our first time ever celebrating Malaysia Day. You may ask, what is this Malaysia Day is all about? Of course, the education we perceived throughout the long years of been struck under the same syllabus of history textbook has taught us that the 'Independence Day' was 31 August 1957, while failed to acknowledge the true existence of Malaysia itself  which occurred on 16 September 1963. Ask yourself this, are you conscience enough as a Malaysian to realize the contrary between both National Day and Malaysia Day?

Let's turn our attention back on the real independence story. The Federation of Malaya consisted of the 11 states in the Penisular Malaysia, achieved independence back in August 31, 1957. We all learned that Tunku Abdul Rahman led a delegation to London to discuss the road to independence. Since the history textbook told you that UMNO start rolling the ball on the road for independence, we are asked to remember that and believe that. However, there is another side of the story regarding the independence. The coins will always have two sides in parity, equally chance of getting a head or tail when it is tossed.

So, what the history book failed to inform you is that the movement towards the independence of Malaysia? The first movement to initiate the demand for independence was made 10 years earlier by the Alliance PUTERA-AMCJA, the first think tank that consists of all races; even earlier than what was claimed to be the first unity coalition of UMON, MCA and MIC. To cut things short, watch the series of videos below:

While the British favoured anyone that goes along with them, PUTERA-AMCJA adopted a leftist struggle for the independence. According to Dinesweri Puspanadan from National Express Malaysia, the mutual alliance of PUTERA-AMCJA is denoted as:
PUTERA-AMCJA was the first multiracial Alliance which included three main races, Malay, Chinese, and Indians and also was the first to spread the thought of Merdeka among people. In this context, UMNO was silent about Merdeka for almost 10 years. While UMNO was busy sketching draft of the Federation, PUTERA-AMCJA collected all the voices to fight for Independence and structured a new constitution after some brainstorming sessions with all the main races and this constitution was known as People's Constitution. While that, this alliance protested and expressed their rejection to the Federation as they felt the Federation was again paved way for British's full power on Malaya which would make the process towards Independence difficult. UMNO's willingness to cooperate with British angered PUTERA-AMCJA as they believed UMNO was a traitor for jeopardizing people's welfare by nodding their head to British's demands.
The only reason why UMNO been successfully in making their own history is that they were favoured by the Colonial and was treated as nothing more than a loyal pet. The sentiments of racial integration was rising, but only made difficult because of the racial slur tongued out the goons in UMNO. Till this day, some fraction members still asking the Chinese and Indians to "Balik Kampung".

Then the author went on and said:
The fact that Malaya gained its Independence without dropping a single blood is a blatant lie! UMNO was not involved in the war and struggle to free the nation but behind the Independence enjoyed by every Malaysian today for almost 53 years(Looking at current situation, it is not fair to call it as a 'freedom'), there are untold sacrifices, unappreciated warriors who swept out all the differences and united to free Malaya.
One can agree, true to strong union between the three races in the coalition of PUTERA-AMCJA, the spirit of 1Malaysia existed since 1946. I just want to say, 1Malaysia spirit is a mask to cover up some hidden agenda!

For further reading, please proceed to This is an interesting and full of facts article to read on. Know the real independence story!