Sunday, October 03, 2010


Music Monday Edition 001

The topic of the day is relatively simple. The one question I would like to ask is that, in conjunction with the release of Linkin Park's new album A Thousand Suns, 'Is Linkin Park losing it's classic tune?'

Many, if not all may have heard their brand new single, The Catalyst. The Catalyst is a clear departure from their trademark and comfort zone of nu metal hits in the past like those in their previous hit albums Meteora and Minutes To Midnight. Besides retaining some forms of alternative vibrant on The Catalyst, there are more growing tendency of fusing electronic rhythm too. I would say it is not that bad after all.

There are some complaints from the fans regarding this new sounds. The fallacy falls in completely over the decision of Linkin Park to create such a mixture and for the fans, it has lost all the meaning of the old Linkin Park features. So did Linkin Park loses their trademark classical tunes of hard rock bliss that defines who they were in the past? No, they didn't.

A Thousand Suns is an experimental album. It marks Linkin Park heavy departure from their original sounds but it is not a bad thing after all. The surplus here is that Linkin Park have borrow some musical chant energy from Muse as well as political indulgences from Green Day. It is an end product that defines the new vibrants and ultimately the new direction for this album. Linkin Park may have try something new, but it is still a blissful and enjoyable song to capture the eardrums. The Catalyst contains slow transition of nu metalic electronic fusion that redefines the landscape of their sounds.

The Catalyst music video is just below. Click play to enjoy the new song. On the extra note, this song has been used in Medal of Honor (2010 version reboot) and can also be heard in the Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D film.