Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This morning while surfing through MSN, I was greatly amazed and attracted to this picture. After giving some great thoughts behind the reason why this picture did give me an amazement, I realize something more than just a discovery of a lump of bones or rock tools from an excavation site. Archeologist is not only something we should considered as looking back into history or merely unearth certain amazing discoveries like King Tutu.. (I'm sorry, I always have problem pronouncing his name, you know that great Egypytian pharoah), Pyramid Giza, or some Babylon thingy. But history did tell us that we simply can and do learn something about our past and our value of humanity.

Take a moment and look at the picture....

What was your first thought?

This is a photograph taken and provided by Germany's Landesamt fur Denkmalpflege und Archaologie Sachsen-Abhalt (Oh my God!! My tongue...). A Stone Age burial in central Germany was dicovered to yield us the earliest evidence of human did in fact living much together as a family. Carbon-dating placed the grave at some where 4,600-year-old. What you can see here is a family consisting the remains of a man, a woman and two assumed to be their children. DNA analysis had confirmed that in fact they are a family. In one statement by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) concluded that "Their unity in death suggests unity in life"

This amazing discovery concluded also that the pre-existing of nuclear family in the prehistoric context in Central Europe. Other multiple burials are also found and dated back the same era. Forensics studies showed that they might have died due to raid attack and later were carefully buried by their attacker to face each other. For more of the article,
click here at the MSNBC article and be amaze.

Looking at the story by MSN, it is touching and I have to say this, since Christmas season is just around the corner, have you plan to see your family any soon? Christmas is a time of joy and family gathering after been away for living outside our family. Maybe it's time for us to re-evaluate ourselves and looking back at how much we have did for our parents. Maybe it's also a time to re-establish those love and connection between family members taht have lost for a while. Family reunion or merely just a unity by its name...which one you prefer?

Sometimes I missed my family too at KK...but study and works will be the priority. In this festival season, go back and see your family. It's the other thing we should cherish in our life.

Articles from MSNBC entitled "The Flinsteins? Germans unearth Stone Age Family"


BLue said...

I'm going back to KK coming CNY, what about you???

acura said...

It's difficult sometimes especially when you are from Sabah & Sarawak. But it makes the reunion more meaningful this way

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