Monday, March 23, 2009


iPhone 3G was first released back in July 2008. After 8 months, finally the Apple's dear darling has arrived in our shore in the recent weeks. iPhone as it is always occur in many countries, can only be legally operates under a single telco provider. In Malaysia, the job of telco provider is handed over to none other than Digi Maxis. Understandably, Maxis is the largest mobile telco operator in Malaysia, so I am not surprise Apple grants them with the sole license in Malaysia.

According to an informant from Maxis itself, the iPhone 3G sold more than 1,800 units upon the first 3 days of release in a show exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. This number is not impressive but still a good track number to track considering the still underdeveloped and under-used 3G services in Malaysia. How many are willing to make a video calls I wonder? Here, I am not promoting anything about iPhone 3G or Maxis, but merely to inform and to share with you about these pieces of informations.

iPhone can be used to surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, download apps from App Store or even just to make calls and SMSes. Therefore, Maxis has formulate plans revolving iPhone 3G by introducing iValue plans for the customers. The plans are divided into four, depending on data usage, talk time, capacity and length of contract period.

iPhone 1

iValue Plans from Maxis

iValue 1
Monthly RM 100 for 500MB data and 333 minutes of talk time
Airtime rate of 15sen/SMS rate of 10 sen
12 months contract - RM 1900 (8GB); RM 2290 (16GB)
24 months contract - RM 1510 (8GB); RM 1890 (16GB)

iValue 2
Monthly RM 155 for 1 GB data and 667 minutes of talk time
Airtime rate of 12sen/SMS rate of 10 sen
12 months contract - RM 1780 (8GB); RM 2160 (16GB)
24 months contract - RM 1260 (8GB); RM 1640 (16GB)

iValue 3
Monthly RM 250 for 2 GB data and 1500 minutes of talk time
Airtime rate of 10sen/SMS rate of 10 sen
12 months contract - RM 1490 (8GB); RM 1870 (16GB)
24 months contract - RM 680 (8GB); RM 1060 (16GB)

iValue 4
Monthly RM 375 for 3 GB data and 2500 minutes of talk time
Airtime rate of 10sen/SMS rate of 10 sen
12 months contract - RM 1080 (8GB); RM 1470 (16GB)
24 months contract - FREE (8GB); RM 260 (16GB)

Other extra plans offered by Maxis are those who are currently signed up to a Value Plus Plan; under which are Value Plus 80/150/250 and 500 only. In which the monthly commitment is applicable as the original plan offers and you have 6 months contract, with FREE 500MB data per month for 6 months. Price of the phones are RM 2540 for 8GB and RM 2960 for 16 GB.

Other informations you need to know:
  • All iPhone 3G are subjected to a year warranty by Apple
  • Talk times of domestic voice air times only
  • Port-in (switching from other network) are only eligible for a 12 months contract
  • The list of plans and pricing subjected to terms and conditions stated
So, are you iPhone 3G-ing? If so, get one now at any Maxis Centre. Too bad iPhone does not come with Digi!!


pikey said...

I still believe it's not a good deal from Maxis. Since it's the only sole telco having to offer iPhone, it's always subject to high price...

I'll just wait and see from other telco.

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

the price's really not worth's like indirect expensive..AS pikey said, let's wait from other telco.
Thanx for the coverage though :D

Anonymous said...

The deal is not exclusive. Digi could have it if they agreed with the contract with Apple.

Spectre said...

this is highway robbery *bolehland style*

Caffery said...

Wow, damn "cheap".

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