Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Dear readers of Green Tea World,

Death is a natural occurrence due to accidents, diseases or some sort of freaking events. Death is so mysterious, so unexpected, so freaking. People die everyday –now you called it a natural order or natural events.

But here is something for you to ponder.
1) How is the facial expression when one is going to die?
2) What does the person see before he/she dies?

Maybe this is the possible answers. Please don’t be afraid when you see this picture.


Seriously, don’t! Call it what ever you want for this kind of face but I can tell you that this looks more like a retarded, distorted and psycho face rather than a supposed to be horrified and scary face.

Suddenly I feel like I wanna cam-whore more. Well, I have another one…

And, here is another one…

Well never mind about that. You all well informed that Nuffnang will be organizing yet another movie screening coming this early September. Did anyone counted this is Nuffnang’s movie screening number?

Anyway, it will be happening this:
DATE - 1 September 2009 (Tuesday)
TIME - 9pm
VENUE - TGV One Utama

The Final Destination is the fourth installment of the popular series Final Destination. Please make this the last one or else I’ll be sick of it. Well, the story is about (as always) people with a premonition and déjà-vu sense that one can see people dies, it becomes the responsible of the one who can sense it to warn the rest that may involve. However, death is a tough nut, not easy to be cracked and in some sort of orders, one by one will succumbed to it, under certain act of force that initiate an accident. (Sorry if it sounds too technical!)

What's more interesting is you got to see them die in 3-D! Tell me anyone interested to see people ripped off their flesh or been tormented by unusual freaking accidents in 3-D? Come on, who does not!! Since the 3-D is the new gaga in town, why not.

To give you some taste on how people actually die in possibly 3D, enjoy this wallpaper... 'Muahahahaha'

Okay, all pictures of psycho-horrified are courtesy of webcam. Webcamwhore - the new ideas of life..

p/s: You won't be seeing the 3D version...too bad!!

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