Sunday, January 24, 2010


Too bad, I could not incorporate this part of the audition to the last post. Anyway, here is the part two for week two. Click here if you want to view back the auditions at Chicago and week one (Boston and Atlanta). Want to get amazed and stoned in humour? Ready, Go!


(1) Jarrodd Norrell taken out in handcuffs!!

He refused to leave despite his horror in singing “Amazing Grace”. They have no choice but to make him leave on a handcuff. Classic Simon for his “Yes or No?”

(2) A combo videos of more auditions from Orlando

Inside this 10 minutes video, we have:

  • Jannell Wheeler (pretty yellow shirt girl!!)
  • Brittany Starr James (in blue blouse)
  • Kasi Bedford (Simon loves her “rasp” in her voice)
  • Cornelius Edwards (OUCH – pants split!!)
  • Bernadette Desimone and Amanda Desimone (sisters from New Jersey)
  • Matthew Lawrence (troubled past, bright future ahead)

Don’t worry, all gone through.

(3) Jay Stone doing beatboxing….

But Jay, we want you to sing more…but I think many people will be enjoying him.

(4) Theo Glinton the glamour queen

Sorry, you are just over the top.

Well. more of auditions next week when american Idol travels to Pasadena, california and Arlington, Texas. Till then, signing off…

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Johnny Ong said...

the shows on the auditions are actually the best part where u can really laugh. not laughing at those brave fellas per se lah but still its a good laugh LOL!

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