Monday, April 19, 2010


Sorry for my procrastination! I don't have the kind of mutual inspirations nor any materials to update this blog recently. Smack on my forehead for that! On my original schedule, I wanted to do this post back on last Tuesday but I do not have any good photos to start with. Never mind about the photos; steal one from here and another one from there will be much subtle.



Note* Wait, did you read Part One yet? No? Scroll down, and click older post. Nothing much anyway, only photos of my winnings on that Friday The 13 9th.

For those who has out of the planet recently, Coffee With Nuffies is like Nuffnang's official "Hari Bertemu Pelanggan" or "Meet-The-Clients'-Day". You know Nuffnang? The one who sponsors my advertisement to refinance this blog? Yeah! It is a monthly event where 5 bloggers will be invited for up and exclusive coffee session, chit chat and some detention room (nope, I am not kidding). Alright then that I was one of the fortunate five to be able to taste their coffee and what's not. I guess they will only do it on Friday because you will notice how awesome their office are during this day. I mean, seriously, when everyone is there to play Band Hero!

Here are the attendees:

*Pictures stolen taken from submerryn(dot)com.
STANDING: The Crafty-Crafted mummy, Merryn (; The bubbly Natasha (
SITTING: The other dude Jimmy (; ahem ahem - no need for an introduction right?; The comic lover, Shana (

And here are our tourist guide for that day.

*Picture again stolen taken but this time from onetasha(dot)com.
The Nuffnang trio of Michelle Teh, Teoh Xin Xian, Robb Chew.

So, what did we do on that day?

1. The coffee session started with of course, a cup of tea/milo/coffee/what ever they have on that day. Served with hot and yummy curry-puffs bought by Robb himself.

doodle.png  on Aviary
doodle.png on Aviary.

2. Then, the session became a mocking for the route I took just to come to the Nuffnang office when raindrops were falling so heavy on top of my head! I know many are cracking their head what the picture above really mean. Go guess!!

3. Sight-seeing around the orange office. Somebody commented that it looks too much alike 8TV.

4. Brought into the detention room for some tutorial and lecture on how to NUFF it to the NANG!!

What did I learned that day?

It is not about what did I learned on that day. It is sort off to confirm my auspicious and theory (overstatement!). Rephrase. It is sort off to validate my knowledge about how Nuffnang can really work on our blogs.

So, here are some stuffs to be highlighted:

  1. You want to blog an event, make sure your traffic is high enough to attract the advertiser.
  2. Ad space on your blog works like a bidding zone. Only a certain amount of ads will appear on a certain time in a day.
  3. Traffic is important, not NANGS on Innit!
  4. Proper placement of ads can help you earn of something.
  5. Know Nuffnang's competitor. Text link or text ads are not, but rival banner ads are. So, no issues with Google Adsense after all, but placing Adgitize, Advertlets or Innity will cause your Gliterrati membership revoked.
  6. Nuffnang is always vigilante about ads clicking. Click once to check the ads, fine! But massive clicking exchange is a no no.How to win a contest? Put more effort, create something different, check other people's entries first before you do your own and possibly - video, animation and photos over post.

Ok, kudos to Nuffnang for having such an insightful event at this small scale. It's great to meet other peoples and listen to what they have to say. Besides, you may get your doubts answered by the reliable sources about how to earn or how to win or how to blog. Once again, thanks Nuffnang for the invites though!

Chiao, amigo y amiga!!