Friday, November 07, 2008


How many N's (like Ah Liang said) were there in this tag word "NOKIA NUFFNANG"? Three? Four? Come on, you should know it by now! Anyway people, I am here to present to you my little diary here; no dirty secret just a simple diary to browse through, readers!


Dear Diary,

Nokia, Nuffnang and Universal Music
will certainly 'always' be best remembered by all; especially those who will going to the event upon invitation after writing how they transform into some vampire and how will Nokia silence the Halloween, for bringing in such an unique event into the town this Halloween. It's a deja-vu that I am seeing. Never been done before in the history of the blogger's world - a silent party in conjunction of the notorious Halloween Day! Wow, I am expecting a lot of people will be going there. So probably I need to thing of what I should write now. How can I not miss the chances to see Kenny Sia in a monkey suit or Robb in ballerina shoe or maybe The Boss itself as a nerdy Bill Gates?



Dear Diary,

I'm so glad that The Undertaker himself sent me an e-mail, iniviting me to the event of the year. Luckily I am jumping up and down, happily receiving the news but I didn't injured myself!! But, Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) - where on earth is it? Oh, at least there is a map on the site. Judging by the map, I always thought that it is somewhere near KLCC, but it turned out to be not exactly. I wonder why the map didn't included Pavillion because I eventually found out that BBC is nearer to Pavillion than KLCC!! As mentioned in the ad, the theme was Celebrity Halloween.

So, how am i going to go there as? Monkey? Bard Pitt? Or V for Vendetta? But those costume was like super frenzy expensive especially V! Considering a tight budget and clocks ticking inching closer to the event, I decided just to as The Joker, but a little different rendition for the character been a dentist version, while the costume and make-up were D.I.Y, probably cheap from some night market.



Dear Diary,

So I went there quite early, relatively just a little bit over 6pm but there was a handful of people there. Considering my refusal to go there in make-up, fear of causing some traffic jam or accidents on the road because people wondering why some psycho Joker was on the loose, I devoted much of my time from 6 to 7 just to do my make up. Luckily there are some nice peoples trying to help and to mess me up, for God sake...Anyway, met this gruesome couple - Jason and her exorcised girl, Sara! Too bad I have no picture of Sara!

Then I saw a lot of people during the party...some I can recognize from the Nuffnang Innitie chatbox, some famous celebrities and some faces that I can't recognize not even a bit. Anyway, since I don't have camera or fancy phone gadget (**cough** Nokia and Nuffnang, you know what to do, don't you guys), I have no choice but to wait for a bulk of photos from Facebook where people did tagged me. Do enjoy these pictures cause they were the nice people of Nuffnang that I met that day. I don't have to explain much since picture worths a thousand words!

Tysern, SC, J and me were talking about dead swan that Bjork used to wear to some Halloween party as well
Some hot chicks and me.....The Jokerina@Jolene besides me was scary as well. Also there were this Japanese Princess, Velma Dinkley and MJ in female version (I guess)

G in murderer style, Anne Marie in some lady vampire and me.....

Dirty dancing.........needless to say it was with who!!

Wrapping mummy session by your expert, The Joker!!

Another wrapping mummy session by your expert, The Joker!! This time you know who was that been wrapped and the pitchfork was not at the right place. GUESS WHO??

This poor girl, Jane poked my it's revenge time to poke the ballon she is hiding

Ballon war at BBC, never seen once since years ago. I thought it supposed to be tied on the leg and I heard the Satan been stampeded!!

Special video by WenPink, the more dirty dancing been exposed. Catch the phrases that are going to be heard in the next 42 seconds of the video. I think Falcon had one too.

In real life, Halloween may have been celebrated on 31 October, but the event of 1 November at Borneo Baruk Club...*phew* was really a kick one and rocking my seat, where I'm sure everyone had their great time there. I'm looking forward for few things now by Nuffnang for the upcoming events with the correspond sponsors.

So Dear Nuffnang,
I'm looking forward for more events especially.....

Christmas' Party

New Year's Eve Party
and last but not least

....N96... a phone that allowed me to share our music, map, video, image, game and of course the blog.
"The Web. Now Made by Hand. Say Hello to the New Nokia N96 Multimedia Computer."



Ruionkoh said...

it was a fun nite wif mah date,bernard LOL

JunJun-Riko said...

i wish i was free that night then i could go to the party. then i'd stand a chance to win the nokia N96. *stomps feet*

J-Teoh said...

Hahaha. WTF that we were so confused about how to get there. Shites about the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng thingy, and the stoopid polysterene-pack butt Pak Guard did not help things! Hmph!

'Twas still fun no? Well, if we're going to anymore parties together will have to wait till I get back for the next sem ~ *cheers* to Partay Buddies ... w00t w00t!

(Can we do a Alvin and the Chipmunks theme for our birthday next year? Can we? Can we??? Hehehe.)

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