Monday, November 03, 2008


Okay, this is KY style isn't it? KY loves food so much that he can basically blog everything about food. So here is my try, I repeat, my try to blog about food. May be not going to be as good as KY!! (**NOTE: I don't have any camera to capture the picture, simply using my laptop webcam sure do)

Anyway, Sunday - the day after the Nokia Nuffnang Halloween Silent Party...yes it was a rocking and awesome nevertheless. However, I still yet to prepare a proper blog on post-event yet. Not now but it will be soon!!

Anyway, I love that Nokia Thumbdrive that I got during the party. Although people claimed it looks like wristband, and how people insisted that it was a wrist band; this is how I satisfy those people...Yeah, it's a wrist band LOL!!

So the Sunday afternoon, while I was at INNIT C-BOX as usual for meeting nice people from INNIT, I suddenly thought of ice-cream! Not the normal Cornetto or Walls but the one that ones can only find in Pavillion. So I went out to Pavillion that afternoon for the mission to search for the ice-cream, to satisfy my craving for some...*coughing* Japanese Ice-Cream.

So the mission started at Ministry of Food (MOF) where I was made to know that they served very nice Japanese ice-cream. MOF@ Japanese Sweet and Coffee is the place to be if you want to quench and satisfy your throat with some awesome Japanese beverage and desserts. MOF is located at the first floor level of Pavillion KL, opposite the Mercato supermarket, next to JCo Doughnut shop and Food Republic food court. I bet not many people knew much about it, but the shop was full house that day.

So, the ice-cream that I tried, it's called Kakigori. Well, Japanese food lover will assure you that it is the Japanese version of Ais Kacang, but MOF's Kakigori is so different. It is actually a ice-crush ala Ais Kacang ABC. The ice-crush is topped with Hokkaido Gelato Soya Ice-Cream, some red bean paste made according to traditional Japanese way and some caramel sauce.

What best is that it contains no additional preservative, colouring or flavour. The gelato ice-cream is from Hokkaido origin and slurrpy nice and smooth, just like those from Italy. Well, extra sauce of topping made from some maple syrup can be poured to give more natural flavour and increase its sweetness.

But, I have one complaint - why was it so sweet? I was attracted by the instruction given that you will enjoy more with pouring that sauce on it. Anyway, I still love it and just be bear in mind that I will not pour that topping sauce again. Haha, RM11 Japanese dessert, relatively cheap and soothingly delicious. It worth the money and it really made me felt bloated.

Wanna try? Just go down to Pavillion now and enjoy. Kakigori dishes are available as in Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours as well!!


Josh said...

You make me hungry d... sob sob

acura said...

Hope to see more food post on your blog nxt time. And btw the place you mention is always packed with people. And the ice cream looks delicious

Wen said...

U got a PINK wristband!!!
PINK!!! i know u r loving it =p

renaye said...

unfortunately i'm not impress with their menu. i tried and it's nothing special. i tried the red bean paste with ice cream. i might try urs.

renaye said...

meow. thank u for the hamsap comment.

i purposely made that entry because as i blogged previously that my colleague has found my blog. and i so want to pollute her mind and send her the message that 'get lost' from my blog. but still i'm thankful for her for giving me extra cents to my blog.

maybe the next post i should make a hamsap termometer.

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