Sunday, June 21, 2009


One week equals to seven days, seven days equal to 168 hours, 168 hours equal to 10080 minutes. That is how long a week can be. The first of three weeks I'll be in Kota Kinabalu is something hard to accept while leaving the one you loved far far away.

But unlike any others, a week is too long for me and her. Yes, last Wednesday as in few days ago, it was the 7th day we were officially together. Despite our effort to lay low and remain secretive, it didn't turn out as we planned because of some leaked picture in some blog. It was getting harder to remain low and private when people in Innit started to sensationalize and question about us. Let me ask you people, was it excited you when you started to talk about us?

While there is some people may think that we might sound or look desperate, let us be sure that we are not. We have quite a long history and that we may want to lay secret enough.

To satisfy your appetite for gossiping, here I announce to all of you that we are indeed together.

End of part one.....

Anyway, I intended to dedicate this post to her too. The part two....


Drag Me To Hell with some sushi

State Of Play with some Papa John's
Bern flies back to KK leaving EV alone

EV celebrated her birthday at Chillis

Bern found out that EV had no plan for her real birthday day

Bern misses EV

EV misses Bern too

Therefore let me present you with our picture. Only one, nothing more...

Now you know, let us have a privacy of our own. (Note: I'm glad that Green Tea is with his Christmas Tree and Bern's Christmas Eve is just everyday. People who busybody about us ever since StandOut, please get a new life now!)


k@i-cHi said...


Gine said...

congrats!! sincerely. :-)

samanthacje said...

huh wow since when? congrats you two!! :D

PehHwa said...

Congratulations ^^

vkvun said...

congratulation oh.hehe. nice couple

EV@yenniedoll said...

aww, i love you so much ^_^

KwOnG FeI said...

omg.. wat a breaking news!!
first and foremost congrats!!!
second..wa really unexpected..
third.. may the relationship long lasting..

Josh said...


Ei, how come dedication post so short wan? Looks like a preview post only... Oh... I know... BC wanna do this as a preview post right? There's a long long post coming soon right?

I wonder... If wanna stay low then why call each other dear or darling, then during Standout you two so close? If wanna act like nothing should stay away from each other and just talk like normal friends mar rite?

You both want it low profile mar rite? There will be no ppl talking about you two now. So you guys won't get any attention anymore ^_^

Nigel Tee said...

Woh! Congrats bern! You have done a great job in laying low and keeping it secretive! Being close in standout, letting ppl take the pic of both of you, and being mushy on innit really is a great effort in laying low! KUDOS! You have done a great job bern! Im proud of you! =)

And yes, you guys have a lot of history! A very long history that will sure to make headlines if it ever appear on blogs and newspaper. If it EVER appear lah. Dont worry i know you are not desperate and you love each other noting the fact of your history together with her. I am deeply happy for you. After all i know all the history and i touches me. Deep beneath. =)

Proud of you!

Amanda said...

Awww... congrats!!!

shon chong said...

yo bro.. you make it!!

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

nobody will busybody about u both if yall didnt take pics liddat ma. lol. and when u keep denying when everyth is so obvious, of cos the rest wanna kaypo ma.

anyway, im happy to see yall happy :) especially my roomie too.
woots! and congrats

Missyve said...


stephy said...

oooh! congratz bern on your official announcement of your relationship! hope you two will be happy together always!

and the part two of the dedication is so cute! you two are cute together~ ;)

A-Lex said...

*tuning channel* Finally i got the correct channel.
Congratz y'all 1st! i may not knew both of you very long and this is just shocking!! Should go celebrate bout it!
During StandOut, i thought both of you are just you know BBF/BFF... Didn't know both of you are attached! Jeles lor... XD

one day la... tell us the story =D
wish both of you together till dead. 'Si Le Dou Yao Ai' =P

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